Big Apple Bargain

Bakery & Deli Counter Specials


You’ll find great specials at Chompie’s bakery and deli counter with our weekly Big Apple Bargains. You’ll also find our featured bread flavors of the month, which, like all of Chompie’s bakery goods, are made fresh from scratch. 

Chompie’s bread of the month: “Carbs...Not!” low carb high protein breads.

We offer our delicious “carbs…not!” low carb high protein breads at every chompie’s location–multigrain, sesame and cinnamon raisin on our dining menu, at our bakery counter, and on our online shop.

 Each amazing slice has 7g of protein, just 1-2 net carbs and only 58-63 calories*. *carbs…not! Breads per slice: multigrain: 1g net carbs, 58 cal. • sesame: 1g net carbs, 63 cal. Cinnamon raisin: 2g net carbs, 58 cal. • 0g sat fat • 0g trans fat • 0mg cholesterol.

Please call location for current specials

                                               EVERY WEDNESDAY: BUY 1 DOZEN BAGELS, GET 6 BAGELS FREE!


*Chompie’s Big Apple Bargain prices are valid at the bakery/deli counter only and are not valid with any other bakery/deli counter special or with any other coupon, offer or discount, on catering, or with promotional gift cards. Quantities subject to supply on hand. Selection may vary by location. No rain checks.