Winter Menu Goes Wild for Pastrami!

Chompie’s has gone wild for pastrami. The European dish was perfected in New York delis and is a Chompie’s staple. Chompie’s is offering six different pastrami dishes on its new winter menu debuting on January 7 – just in time for National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day on January 14.


Pastrami was originally created as a way of drying and preserving meat that was seasoned with garlic, coriander, black pepper, paprika, cloves, allspice, and mustard seeds. This delicious Turkish dish made its way to the U.S. where New Yorker Sussman Volk is credited with making the first pastrami sandwich in his Kosher deli in the late 1800s.


While pastrami is typically made with beef, Chompie’s new menu uses the restaurant’s special pastrami rub on chicken, turkey and burgers to create dishes everyone will love:


• Park Ave Rueben – traditional New York pastrami grilled on double-baked rye bread ($17.99)
• NY State Pastrami Chicken Rueben – chicken breast rubbed with Chompie’s housemade pastrami spice ($15.99)
• Paradise Pastrami Burger – seasoned with Chompie’s pastrami rub, topped with NY pastrami, fried onion strings, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island dressing and served on a Brioche bun ($15.99)
• Pastrami Chicken Breast Sandwich ($12.99)
• Housemade Pastrami Turkey Breast ($12.99)
• Housemade Pastrami Turkey Sliders ($12.99)


The menu comes just in time for National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day on Thursday, January 14. To celebrate, anyone ordering Chompie’s signature Mile High Hot Pastrami Sandwich will get a mini Black and White cookie for FREE.


Chompie’s winter menu also includes new grilled cheese sandwiches, salads, sliders and tapas:

• Grilled Cheese Please! ($10.99): grilled roast beef, grilled Boar’s Head ham, grilled turkey breast and grilled turkey pastrami
• Chop! Chop! Salads ($10.99): BBQ Chicken Salad, Chop Chop Chicken Salad, Chop Chop Turkey and Southwest Crispy Chicken Salad
• New Sliders ($12.99):
o Buffalo Chicken Sliders: mini challah rolls (3) filled with chicken breasts, buffalo sauce, pepper jack cheese and ranch dressing.
o Chicken Waffle Sliders: mini waffles stuffed with chicken breast tenders (2). Add real maple syrup for $1.49
• Latke Tapas:
o Greek Tapas ($9.99): latkes topped with sautéed spinach, garlic and melted feta cheese.
o Southwestern Tapas ($9.99): latkes topped with cream cheese, diced tomato, cucumber and onion marinated in lemon vinaigrette.
o Lovey’s Smoked Salmon Tapas ($11.99): latkes topped with sour cream, sautéed Nova lox and garnished with tomato, cucumber, onion and capers.