Restaurant Fundraisers - Chompie's Cares program donates to our non-profit community throughout the Phoenix area.

Chompie's Restaurant Fundraisers

Learn About Our "Chompie's Cares" Programs

Chompie’s Cares about the community of which it has been a part since 1979. Every year, Chompie’s donates over $100,000 to various non-profit organizations.

Here you will find information on the various Chompie’s Cares programs available and some of the community programs we support.

Chompie's Restaurant Fundraisers and Community Programs

Chompie’s Cares Dining Event

Raise funds for your non-profit organization through a Chompie’s Cares Dining Event. When your organization promotes and holds a Chompie’s Cares Dining Event at Chompie’s, 15% of the proceeds from the event attendance will be donated back to your organization.

A Chompie’s Cares Dining Event can be scheduled for a weekday (subject to availability) at a specified time period for your entire group (group size limitations may apply). Members of smaller groups may dine-in individually at their leisure during the designated time period.


Silent Auctions

Chompie’s accepts requests for gift cards and gift certificates for non-profit organization silent auctions.


Charitable Bagel and Bakery Discounts

Chompie’s has provided hundreds of thousands of bagels for various charitable events over the years. You may request the discounted purchase of Chompie’s bagels or bakery goods for your non-profit organization’s event.


Chompie’s Gift Card Restaurant Fundraiser

You can raise funds for your non-profit organization by organizing a Chompie’s Cares Gift Card Fundraiser.

Your organization sells Chompie’s Gift Cards ($25 each) to your members and earns a profit of $5 for every $25 gift card sold.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your organization promotes the following: "Order Chompie’s $25 gift cards through (name of your organization/fundraiser) from (date) through (date).

    (name of your organization) will earn $5 for every Chompie’s $25 gift card purchased by (name of your organization) during that time."

    That’s $100 earned for every 20 gift cards purchased!

  2. Your organization gathers the orders and the payment for the gift cards from your members.
  3. Your organization then purchases from Chompie’s corporate office at a 20% discount ($5 off each $25 gift card) all of the gift cards your members have pre-ordered and pre-paid for, earning your organization a profit of $5 for every $25 gift card sold.
  4. Your organization distributes the purchased gift cards to those who ordered them.
Chompie's Restaurant Fundraisers, Donations, and Charitable Offerings in the Phoenix Community

Chompie's Cares Request

Please complete the form to make a "Chompie’s Cares" request for your non-profit organization. Due to the high volume of Chompie’s Care requests received, we kindly ask that you provide us with at least sixty days advance notice. Thank you.

Street Address and Unit #
City, State and Zip Code

Chompie's Phoenix Community Programs

Singleton Moms

Singleton Moms is a small, Arizona-based non-profit with a mighty vision.

Singleton Moms is a community dedicated to lessening the burdens of single parents with cancer and their families. They do this by meeting the practical day-to-day needs of the entire family, while providing hope for tomorrow.

Their resources are based solely upon community support. Donor support allows them to reach more parents.

The single most impactful way you can make a difference in the lives of these families is through monetary support. This enables them, through their essential programs, to reach more single Arizona parents struggling to simply make it through the day-to-day challenges while battling cancer.

To learn more, visit 

Meeting the Needs of Today...
Providing Hope for Tomorrow


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Kids 10 and under eat FREE all day Tuesdays!

Add a free "Eggciting Breakfast." to your calendar and come to Chompie’s on your birthday.

THANK YOU for helping Chompie's support our friends and families in need in our communities!